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√ČirVis Technology Limited.

Renewable technology company who specializes in emission-less technology that benefits you, the
individual, to create local stable electrical supply networks that reduces your costs while making you passive income.

About Us
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Our Aim

Introduce new technology that benefits the individual to reduce their daily energy costs while actively reducing their negative climate footprint as they go beyond carbon neutral.

Support current and future demands for Energy with new reliable technology that strengthens local infrastructures as stable, emission free, supply networks.

Create positive change in our environment with technology that work towards a sustainable future, without harmful emissions, that benefits our increasing needs.

Our Aim

About us

Environmentally friendly company that creates new renewable technologies and designed to create less harmful emissions; while working harder to meet your changing demands.

UK Space Programme Alumni within their 2020 Leo Programme and actively involved within the European Green Deal since 2020. Completed local competitions within Northern Ireland for the Belfast Council and Down, Newry and Mournes business centres.

About Us

Our Technology

Changes individual energy-usage by managing energy-need, powering others to become their own energy provider. This reduces your energy costs, and also increases your passive income by selling unused energy to others.

Combining aspects of modern electric generators and batteries, created our next generation electrical generators by improving industry production methods. Using state of the art metal 3D printing and CNC machined parts, increased our generators to ensures our electrical generators are reliable to meet your daily needs.

Our Technology

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